Hi. I'm Julien.

I'm a french Creative Technologist & Teacher.

I’m a Tech explorer and a creative maker.
I help to find awesome creative ideas and the best users experiences involving relevant technologies.
I'm a former developer, UX & technical Web projects manager.
I love to make things, I love to tinker, I love to teach (I currently do it at Gobelins & Sciences Po Paris) and I love to help people better understand technology.

Selected Works

You will find below a selection of professional and personal projects I made or I've been involved in, over the last few years. For more details, please contact me (on linkedin or twitter).

  • Renault TimeMachine Experience

    For Renault 120th anniversary and during the 2018 Paris Motor Show, the visitors were invited to enter the Renault TimeMachine Experience. A capsule made to create their own virtual avatar and to make it travel through time and through the Renault History.

    Role: Creative Technologist

    Ideation, user experience design, prototyping, and technical consulting.

    Generative Video 3D Avatar Photogrammetry Silkke Publicis
  • Custom Conversational Agent

    A custom conversational agent/application using a panel of Google Cloud tools (Dialogflow, Firebase, Assistant, Actions) and based on the Google AIY voice kit.

    Role: Creative Technologist

    Development, conversation design, 3D modeling & prototyping.

    Google-Assistant Dialogflow Google-Actions Firebase 3D-Modeling 3D-Printing Python Processing
  • Mum Button

    A bluetooth connected button allowing to quickly and easily send a pre-written SMS to a chosen contact with a simple push.

    Role: Creative Technologist

    Technical advising, prototyping, provider identification, User eXperience design.

    iOS Android IoT Connected-Button
  • Renault x Solo activation campaign

    360° advertising campaign around the "Renault x Solo: A StarWars Story" partnership.

    Role: Creative Technologist

    Technical advising & provider identification.

    AR activation VR Shazam
  • #ShakeParkinsonsOff

    A mobile Website using the YouTube API and the Vibration API in order to augment a video clip about Parkinson's disease and make viewers' hands tremble too (on their smartphone).

    Role: Creative Technologist & Technical Project Manager

    HTML5 JS VueJS YouTube-API Vibration-API
  • Head Tracking Demo

    A simple head-tracking experiment using 3D and Openframeworks.

    Role: Creative Technologist


    openframeworks head-tracking
  • Publicis Conseil Wishes 2018

    For its 2018 wishes, Publicis Conseil agency chose to display messages, collected from Twitter, on the Publicis headquarters LED facade.

    Role: Creative Technologist

    Advising and prototyping.

  • VR Explorations

    Exploration of VR use cases, combining 3D integration and conversation using Dialogflow API, Google Speech API and IBM Text-to-Speech API.

    Role: Creative Technologist & developer

    Unity Google-Cloud-API Speech Dialogflow IBM-Watson NodeJS Socket-IO
  • GIF Photobooth

    A DIY Photobooth that takes a series of pictures to generate animated GIFs.

    Role: Creative Technologist & developer

    Processing development and woodworking.

    RaspberryPi Processing
  • Beacon Helper

    This project aimed at helping blind pedestrians to easily detect an approaching electric (and silent) vehicle.

    Role: Creative Technologist

    Advising and prototyping (3D modeling and printing, Android demo app development)

    3D 3D-Printing Android Beacon
  • The Wild Tweets

    Creation of a connected tree branch for a Zoo. Thanks to an IR sensor, the parrots movements are converted into letters and then published as tweets.

    Role: Creative Technologist

    Woodworking, prototyping and development.

    RaspberryPi Arduino NodeJS Twitter-API
  • Hanging Photobooth

    A Photobooth from a different angle, taking pictures from above and posting them on Twitter (created for an agency party).

    Role: Creative Technologist & developer

    RaspberryPi Arduino HTML NodeJS Python
  • ISS Tracker

    A live tracking WebGL animation to follow the ISS around the earth. The position of the ISS is extrapolated from TLE datas provided by the NASA and the NORAD.

    Role: Creative Technologist

    JavaScript development.

    HTML JavaScript ThreeJS
  • AR Magnet

    An Augmented Reality fridge magnet prototype using the Vuforia AR technology.

    Role: Creative Technologist

    Unity development and AR evangelist.

    AR Unity Vuforia
  • Connected Spoon

    A prototype to re-invent the kids spoon into a taste discovery game.

    Role: Creative Technologist

    Hardware prototyping and Android app development.

    Android Java Arduino Electronics
  • Kiabi Colore Paris

    An interactive shop window for a Kiabi PopUp store. Users were able to take control of the embedded screen with their smartphone.

    Role: Creative Technologist & developer

    Web development. For Highlab, Agence 79c & Kiabi

    HTML5 JS SocketIO
  • Connected POS

    A POS embedding a Raspberry-Pi working as a local Web server and a WiFi hotspot, in order to allow a user to access a hidden promotional Website.

    Role: Creative Technologist & developer

    RaspberryPi setup and Web development. For Highlab/Darty/Microsoft.

    RaspberryPi HTML
  • Augmented POS

    Innovative experiment for Dior, allowing the user to control the visual effects of the POS from its smartphone.

    Role: Creative Technologist & developer

    RaspberryPi, Arduino and electronics setup + Web and Arduino development. For Highlab/Dior.

    RaspberryPi Arduino HTML