Julien MAHE

Creative Technologist


An Oculus application demo with Unity

A first prototype in full Unity 3D for the Oculus headset technology

An Oculus application demo with Unity


I developed this prototype to help me understand the specificities of development in Unity 3D for Oculus and to help me estimate the cost of a project for one of our clients. The idea was to immerse the user into a virtual mall that was the representation of a future real one (under construction). Our client provided the 3D model of the mall but no mapping. I worked on this model to simplify the complexity (in order to build a lighter demo) before adding it to my Unity project. Then I used the dedicated Oculus Plugin for Unity to help me build a first preview of the experience.


Client: URLabs
Role: Creative Technologist & Unity developer - Modedemploi

Technologies & tools: Unity 3D, Oculus Plugin for Unity, 3DSMax


  • preview 1
  • preview 2