Julien MAHE

Creative Technologist


Ovomaltine: "j'ai 8 secondes"

An online experience around the famous "j'ai 8 secondes" (I've got 8 seconds) brand catch line.



Using Flash technology and a Text-To-Speach online service from Acapela, we created a unique experience involving the user as the main actor of the story. He was invited to upload a picture of his face and write a sentence that had to be the end of the catch line "I've got 8 seconds to tell you...". The Text-To-Speach service converted the complete sentence as a sound that was used in a final animation involving the character (that had the face of the user). The animation was finaly able to be sent over email or shared on social networks.


Client: Ovomaltine
Role: Lead Developer - Grouek

The base character was a pre-rendered video, the face of the user was mapped on a real time 3D face model and the orientation was calculated from the real character's face position. I also applied a transformation filter on the face mapping based on the voice amplitude in order to synchronize the character's mouth with the sound.


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