Julien Mahe

Creative Technologist

I help brands to design and craft innovative digital experiences.

I explore technologies in order to design creative experiences, to find solutions to user needs or to enhance brands stories. As a Creative Technologist, I’m a kind of a "Lego bricks" player: I learn how to use and assemble the various bricks of technologies, I test them and I evaluate their creative potential. Then I use this knowledge to feed my creative inspiration, to design and sometimes prototype ideas and solutions.

& Creativity

I explore and experiment with technologies to inspire me and to help imagine, create and craft innovative stories. I’m a former developer specialized in Web applications (Flash, JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL). I always have been curious about technologies, about how things work and how to create useful and beautiful things with technology (things capable of creating emotions). I still practice development to build prototypes and I also teach in some french schools.


User centered thinking and design thinking are essential to me. I take care of the user as the main character of a digital story. Relevant and emotional experiences are what makes outstanding messages. For many years now, at agency position and during clients missions, I use to design user journeys and wireframes, build mockups and craft prototypes to help designing successful experiences.

& Communication

All my experiences also helped me to enhance transversal and project management skills, from design and consulting to final delivery, and beyond. They led me to widen my interactions field: experts, clients from differents industries, legal services, freelancers, partners, … in France and internationally. All those encounters also enabled me to improve my adaptability and my communication skills.

Selected works & experiments

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  • ISS Tracker
  • Processing
  • Augmented Reality Magnet prototype
  • Connected Spoon
  • Experimentations with the Raspberry-Pi
  • Facebook likes counter
  • Kiabi Colore Paris Experience
  • Connected POS display for Darty
  • Dior Digital Days
  • Dual screen Rugby drop mini game
  • Dual screen video player control with smartphone orientation
  • RasperryPi local server
  • VR & 360° video on mobile devices
  • Augmented Reality Pizza app
  • Cars online 2014 report
  • Electronics prototypes
  • An Oculus application demo with Unity
  • Ovomaltine:
  • La Gaite Lyrique
  • Online multi-players game for Ubisoft
  • Société Générale: Bankers' stories
societe generale

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