Julien MAHE

Creative Technologist


Electronics prototypes

Some personnal projects of electronic prototyping with the help of the Arduino and Raspberry-Pi platforms

Electronics prototypes


Among these projects, especially IoT-oriented: a notifier of incoming rain (using the "will it rain in the next hour" Meteo France API and an Arduino Yun prototyping shield), a capacitive touch trigger (to launch sounds on a physical cardboard display or any other virtual or physical interaction only by "the light touch of the finger") or using a light sensor to trigger virtual animations (with the help of another Arduino board).


Client: Personnal
Role: Creative Technologist, Maker & Developer

On Raspberry-Pi, I usually develop with Python (GPIO library for Python let us access directly the IO pins on the board) or on an embeded NodeJS server (libraries such as Johnny-Five let us talk easily to an Arduino board linked on a USB plug)